Kerstmis in Ethiopië

Kerstmis in Ethiopië

Beste mensen,

dit bericht kregen we van onze leverancier, Sabahar uit Ethiopië. Het (orthodoxe) kerstfeest is daar altijd een aantal weken later dan bij ons.

Geen kerstman en het is niet het belangrijkste feest van het jaar. Dat geldt voor meerdere orthodoxe religies. Maar toch, het wordt ook gevierd.

Met hartelijke groeten,


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Happy Orthodox Christmas

Christmas in Ethiopia is celebrated on the 7th of January. On this day, Orthodox Christians will be breaking their 45 day fast. They will not have eaten any meat or dairy for 45 days, so they eagerly await the Christmas feast.

Millions of Orthodox Christians will go to Church on Christmas day in their beautiful white, Ethiopian outfits. All of the clothing is hand made by weavers throughout the country. Each white outfit will be adorned with different intricate designs at the edging.

People will attend Church in the morning and then go home to celebrate with their families. They will have a feast of all different kinds of Ethiopian stews. There will be a lot of meat served! The most traditional food to eat on Christmas is ‘Doro Wat’. It is a stew made of slow cooked onions and berbere spice. They add a bit of chicken and an egg to complete the dish.

In some areas of the country, children will play a game called “Egena Chawata”, which directly translated, means “Christmas Game”.  It is a game played with sticks and a ball, somewhat like Western field hockey. The elders gather around to watch and judge the game.

Christmas is a religious holiday in Ethiopia. No presents are exchanged, nor are their decorations and Santa does not come. There are other holidays in the year that are more colorful and public, but Christmas is one of prayer, food and family.

In observance of the holiday, Sabahar’s workshop will be CLOSED on Monday, January 7th, 2019.

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